Give Sherry a platform to tell someone new about Foundation for Fortitude and she shows up. It's her passion and she knows somewhere out there is a young woman that could absolutely have a positive impact on others and perhaps the entire world if offered the support of the Foundation. The ripple in a pond that will show up as a wave in the ocean could start with Sherry simply taking advantage of saying "This is what we do, this is why it matters, and this is how you can help us do more." 


Below you will find embedded videos or links to a few local media interviews. You will also find a button link to visit which you should consider Sherry's personal invitation to you to be a ripple in a very still pond and create the start of a wave that carries a young life to the shore.


Sherry H. Blue, Executive Director and Founder, Discusses Foundation for Fortitude's Mission for Young College Women

Sherry H. Blue, Executive Director and Founder of Foundation for Fortitude, Discusses Charity Fundraiser Pure White Affair 2018

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