Sherry H. Blue is the real deal when it comes to living and thinking with a philanthropist mindset. In her personal life she seeks to give back, share, and motivate as much as possible. 

Her company, Make It Happen Bail Bonds, supports a variety of non-profits and community programs in Jacksonville.

She also serves as the Executive Director of a 501(c)3 non-profit charity she founded, the Foundation for Fortitude. The organization provides scholarships, mentoring, and educational programs to young college women in the Jacksonville area. They hold numerous major fund raisers throughout the year, including the Foundation for Fortitude Charity Golf Tournament. Educational programs include career and life skill modules such as Business Etiquette, Dress for Success, Networking, and Career Focused Social Media Practices.

Foundation for Fortitude was honored by the Jacksonville Mayor with a proclamation marking April 28, 2017 as "Ultimate Successful Woman Day" which is the goal put in front of each young woman going through the unique life lifting opportunity offered to them from Foundation for Fortitude.

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Foundation for Fortitude, Jacksonville, FL

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