Speaking and sharing her personal business journey, her passion for education and life long learning, and offering answers to the inquisitive youth looking for someone to identify with for motivation, Sherry has found addressing audiences as a unique way to extend her reach and make a difference. 

She has had the opportunity to share with her entrepreneurial peers, business leaders, school groups, and church youth. Her story is hers, her approach is unique, honest, and vulnerable, and most of all it is inspiring and motivating. The TEDTalk-esque format keeps the audience focused on the topic at hand as she herself fades behind the message only to again emerge and remind that with focus and fortitude any goal is possible. 

She is skilled at directing her presentations toward topics sought by event planners and is more than happy to offer plenty of time for questions and answers following her talks.

To inquire as to her availability to be a guest speaker at your event, please send your request along with details of your conference, meeting, or gathering in the contact form found through this link:  Contact Sherry H. Blue


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