Everyone can achieve their goals. It is never too late to put your feet firmly on the path that leads to your dream life. Nothing is impossible with the right grit and focus in place. Your mindset can either put you on the sidelines or front and center in the game. Leadership is more about motivating than directing. The real rewards in life are the moments you create not the things you own. Leaders have a duty to be approachable and available to the youth in their local communities to serve as positive role models for their visions of the future. Let your fears motivate you, not hold you back. Embracing change can offer new results for your life. 

If you are lucky enough to find yourself sitting across from Sherry H. Blue in a coffee shop sipping iced tea, these are but a few of the beliefs that will surface in your rare one on one conversation. Rather than miss out simply because you haven't had the opportunity to catch her walking through Starbucks, why not spend some time with her writings on Medium?

She will frankly tell you that you need to ignore the haters and focus on you, to forget the competition and forge your own path, and the real person holding you back from your dreams is the one you see in the mirror. She'll encourage you to take small steps toward your goals if that is all you can do in the beginning and be empowered by the knowledge that moving forward at any speed is better than staying put. 

If you want to be motivated, inspired, and pushed to think creatively and out of the box, then spend a little bit of time every day with her backlog of writings on her Medium account and better yet, follow her on Medium and get instant alerts in your inbox when she publishes something new.


Fix an iced tea, a hot cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and go to the link below - it's the next best thing to bumping into Sherry at the coffee shop.







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